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A scratching post combined with a toy..

You know what that means: a LOT of fun for your cat!

There are 3 small balls with sand sound inside the 'tube', which is made of sisal rope.

Cats are very interested in the smell of sisal.

Your feline friend will try to get the balls out, but that's impossible (which means it's a lot of fun to watch).

The toy is specifically designed especially to sharpen a cat's claws.

If you get yourself one of these, your cat will no longer scratch or damage your sofas and furniture.

This toy can help to train and exercise a cat's brain and sense organ.

Additionally, it avoids the occurrence of depression if the owner is not at home.

Note: We can only ship this item in a random color.

    100% Brand New and High Quality
    Material: sisal rope
    Size: about 29 x 7.5 cm (11.7 x 3inch)
    Color: Green, blue, red, orange (random)

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