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Are you tired of fur and fuzz?

Tired of low-quality brushes that aren't convenient and take a lot of nasty efforts to clean?

We are coming with a solution for you that will change your life!

Our best-selling FurAway Station is the perfect tool for you to have if you want to:

✔ Stay fur-free

✔ Save time cleaning clothes and furniture

✔ Avoid nasty brush-cleaning 

The FurAway Station 3-in-1 Pack comes with:

  • 1 x double-sided micro-bristle brush that allows for a cleanup at least twice as fast as usual brushes. 
  • 1 x extra convenient self-cleaning base - dip the brush in and it will be clean!
  • 1 x travel-sized brush - perfect for quick, on-the-go cleanups.


The secret? Thousands of micro bristles that act like fingers grabbing every last piece of fur or fuzz. 

No refills will ever be needed. Use it over and over again!

Can be used to thoroughly clean any kind of fabric.

Perfect for fur, lint, dandruff and dust.

Attention: Do not use on pets (for grooming, ..)

Attention: This is a bestseller! Limited quantity available! Order RIGHT NOW to make sure you can get one before they are sold out again!

Note: Please allow 3-8 weeks for shipping. 

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